Mr. President, I Want My Country Back!

The phrase “I want my country back” has either been articulated or at least thought by many in an attempt to make sense of events over the past decade or so. Our beloved country is rapidly becoming unrecognisable and will continue to change in ways that depart from who we are as Americans and as a country unless we take corrective action.

Each of us has probably contemplated a list of issues that if acted upon would restore things to some semblance of normality and order. Obviously, normality and order, like beauty, differs from person to person but such a list of common, hot button issues can be developed.

Is the idea of wanting our country back only a thought of citizens who have lived through enough history to notice the changes and remember a more peaceful time? But what many remember is mostly a Hollywood created nostalgia: a tranquility as portrayed in TV shows like Ozzie and Harriet and Lassie and a life lived in Mayberry.

Yes, there was a time when we did not fear letting our children go outside to play with their friends or to even walk to school. And, there was also a time when we could board airplanes without the onerous and expensive TSA screenings and pat downs that keep us safe from this new world of terrorism.

For younger folks the way it is now is all they know and when someone laments the recent upheavals they are dismissed as wanting to revert back to an era like the 50s. Of course the 50s were not devoid of chaos and uncertainty what with the bomb, the communist threat and the cold war.

To be sure, a lot of improvements have been made ever since the 50s: improved product quality, safer travel, advanced technology such as computers, digital cameras and cell phones, and extraordinary advances in medicine, to mention a few. Yes, there is life without Facebook and Twitter. 🙂 Indeed technology has a great impact both positive and negative but there are larger cultural, economic and political issues that have contributed to an uneasy feeling that the USA is going down a detrimental path.

Please consider the following:

– The Pilgrims came to this land searching for religious freedom and now we have become inundated with Muslims, mostly as a result of a failed immigration policy, who are using our hard-won freedoms against us to spread Sharia Law. For example, look at the situation in Greely Colorado where meat packers have been forced to provide foot wash basins, separate male and female prayer rooms, and exempt Muslim workers from handling pork products. Similar religious facilities have been provided for Muslims in Michigan at taxpayer expense. For a plethora of other examples consult Creeping Sharia. Also, check out The Commonwealth’ Club’s presentation “Frank Gaffney: Shariah Law — A Threat to America?” where Frank describes the rise of Shariah banking and the support of Mosques and schools in the U.S. by the Saudi government. It was particularly troubling to learn that the 80% taxpayer owned AIG, according to Frank, is the largest purveyor of Shariah financial products in clear violation of the Constitutional separation clause.

Obama bows

President Obama bows to Saudi king.

– Again our failed immigration policy has resulted in a large population of mostly Mexicans who have come here illegally with false documents and defiantly refuse to speak English. To make matters worse they seem to want all the privileges of an American citizen while remaining steadfastly loyal to Mexico. Is anyone else tired of “press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish?”

– The phrase “failed immigration policy” was used in the previous two points but perhaps it is only failed to “we the people.” Given the inaction by this and previous administrations it seems the policy we have is the one our “leaders” want. This has to change!. The policy needs to be what “we the people” want.

– Abolish big business lobbies: their poisonous campaign contributions and their participation in creating legislation. Wouldn’t it be great if the millions spent on lobbying and the lobbyists themselves had to actually work to make a product or directly contribute to the welfare of the country?

– Rebuild and restore our manufacturing sector along with funding for basic research so that we become a major exporter again and rebuild our great middle class. We can start by building environmentally responsible businesses engaged in products like solar panels,wind powered generators, electric and hydrogen powered cars, smart grid technology and fuel derived from algae.

– Stop the addiction to gambling. Over the past decade or two we have become increasingly a nation of gamblers as evidenced by the rise in state lotteries, legalized casinos and the behavior of Wall Street that was a factor in the recent financial disaster. Gambling benefits no one except the house and surely does not contribute to economic growth.

– Very soon our national debt will exceed our GDP. Debt is currently 90% of GDP according to the Debt Clock. Simply put that means that we will be broke as a nation. Already we are in debt to nations that don’t like us much. In the past decade our budget deficit grew some $2 trillion dollars as compared to the previous decade where it grew only $500 billion and we had a budget surplus. From 1976 to 2004 our debt grew at an exponential rate of $232 billion/year compared to only $20 billion/year for the preceeding 30 years (see the National Debt Graph). We need to cut spending and push for a balanced budget amendment.

– Get out of the Middle East. We can’t afford being there both because of the loss of American lives but also in dollar cost. We have no business being there and efforts at nation building don’t look promising or long-lasting. Besides, why are we in the Middle East when we should be fighting the insidious threats previously mentioned at home?

– Cut farm subsidies. Did you know that most of these subsidies goes to wildly profitable corporate agribusinesses. To make matters worse subsidies are used to support our largest crops among which is corn. And corn, as you know, is used to make high fructose corn syrup, the major ingredient in most food products, and an ingredient which has been linked to numerous diseases which in turn represents a health care cost. Does this make sense? If subsidises exist at all it would be better if they supported independent organic farmers.

– Cut taxpayer-funded foreign aid. Most of these dollars goes to corrupt governments and never finds its way to benefit the people. And, as we have seen in the Middle East some of these monies even fund the same groups we are fighting. How ridiculous is this? Any foreign aid should come from NGOs and go directly to the people.

– Nation building begins at home. In addition to the points mentioned above we need to reinstate courses in American and Western History in our educational institutions.

There are a lot of points here, perhaps too many, but pick one and act on it. The time to act is NOW! Write to the President and your elected representatives.

That’s my view, what’s yours?

One response to “Mr. President, I Want My Country Back!

  1. Frank Slavomir Vorlicek

    Can’t agree with this one. Islamophobia. Creeping Sharia is a very anti-muslim website. I know and love too many Muslims to believe it.



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