Lawbreakers May Be Getting A Free Pass

In a  7/30/2010 AP news story it was reported that the Obama administration has been looking for ways to skirt congress to solve the immigration problem. The article discusses an April 11-page internal memo by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that outlines ways that the government could provide “relief” to illegal immigrants including delaying deportation perhaps indefinitely.

This sounds a bit like amnesty and we all know how well that went back in 1986. Rewarding illegal behavior results in more of the same. In 1986 there were about 1 million illegals, now we have an estimated 12 million.

At the same time the Obama administration obtained court injunctions against several provisions of the Arizona immigration law, S.B. 1070. You would think that the federal government would be thankful to Arizona for helping with the illegal immigration problem. But they undoubtedly have another agenda. Could that possibly have something to do with VOTES, democratic votes?

The issue is not about race or profiling as the media and some in government would have you to believe. These are just smoke screens. The issue is about the law.

So here we have a situation where illegal immigrants are in our country either because they came across the border illegally or have overstayed their visas. They reside here with forged documents or hide behind anchor babies. Many collect welfare and take advantage of our medical services much to the well documented economic detriment of those medical facilities and to the taxpayer. And, then there are those in the mix that are possible terrorists and those who commit crimes. To make matters worse many of these illegals have no intention of assimilating into the American culture.

America is the most liberal nation when it comes to immigration yet we are being taken for suckers by people who take advantage of American hospitality and have no respect for our laws. Should they be given a free pass?

So it looks like the Obama administration wants to give the illegals a free pass for the sake of votes.  Of course this free pass would be couched in terms like “foster economic growth” or “preservation of family unity.” Never mind that we have a large number of citizens that could do with some economic growth and family unity. You would think that the brain trust in D.C. could come up with some program to transition our unemployed into jobs held by illegals.

If you have a problem with circumventing congress, not to mention the will of the people, and establishing immigration reform by executive order then write your representatives NOW. Forget writing the president, we know where he stands.

Are you willing to sacrifice our rule of law for a few votes? And what precedent would that sacrifice set?

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