End All Foreign Aid Now

End all foreign aid, especially to dictators.

Diplomatic relations, always. Free and fair trade, yes. Humanitarian aid directly to the people, yes. Military protection for NATO allies, yes. Financial and military aid, no.

The recent events in Egypt highlight yet again how poor the U.S. is at picking foreign powers to support. Think how well American support went with the Shaw of Iran, Saddam, Augusto Pinochet, Ferdinand Marcos, Manuel Noriega and the list goes on.

And yet we continue this failed policy with the support of Pakistan where it is well-known that aid dollars are being funneled to the Taliban through corruption and now we are supporting Yemen to the tune of $250 million a year, up five times from previous years.

Paying off foreign countries with our tax dollars to be our friend does not result in a lasting relationship nor does it guarantee that the foreign government will adopt American democratic values including free and fair elections.  So how does this aid figure into our national security or national interest as we are told? Or is it all just a pathetic attempt at nation building?

P. J. Crowley,the assistant secretary of state for public affairs, said on an NPR interview, “[we] provide assistance to Egypt because it is in our national interest to do so. And Egypt has been a stable country and a partner in pursuing peace in the Middle East and other interests… and we do have civilian programs to provide democracy assistance to grow civil society.” In other words our State Department is pursuing a nation building objective which strangely enough was campaigned against in the first Bush 43 election.

Isn’t it time, indeed past time, that we as a country adopt a foreign policy that is consistent with the values of the people and those that make our country great?

How can we go around the world preaching human values and free and fair elections while at the same time supporting autocrats of one sort or another whose internal policies are inconsistent with freedom and true democratic values?

Politicians claim that foreign aid builds good relations with other countries. In reality, the people of the world end up thinking that the U.S. wants to dominate them, and keep them in bondage to their corrupt rulers.

This means that the true cost of foreign aid isn’t just the $15B to $50B we spend on it each year. The real cost includes the hatred and the enemies that this spending buys for us.

We are being taken for suckers because the aid we give is money that these corrupt governments do not have to spend and as we have seen much of it goes directly into the pockets of their leaders.

It offends me and it should you to learn that our taxes have kept folks like Mubarak in power for 30 years.

We need to stop all direct government foreign aid. Any aid should come NGOs for humanitarian purposes or through the U.N.

It’s time that we drew a line in the sand or where ever one draws lines these days that says that the U.S. will not support a foreign power, if indeed we do it at all, unless their policies are consistent with our values as a nation and as a people.

Besides, there is no Constitutional provision for giving tax money to foreign rulers. If you would not voluntarily give your money to support someone like Mubarak why should our tax money be spent on them in violation of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments?

Consider this: if a foreign country qualified for 501(c)(3) status would you donate to them? If no, then our government should not be giving away our tax dollars to them. If yes, then perhaps a charitable organization should be established to funnel individual donations to that country.

Write to your elected representatives including the President to end this expensive and failed policy.

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