Murder in the Middle East

The murder of our diplomats in Libya and the constant killing of our troops, 51 so far this year in green on blue attacks, in Afghanistan should prompt further investigation into why we are there.

It has recently been reported that the surge troops have been withdrawn because the Taliban has been successfully routed. This is good. The less troops we have in the region the better. Yet we hear that our troops are being murdered by the Taliban who have infiltrated the security forces they have been training. So what is it? Are the Taliban gone or not?

As for those Afghan security forces, we hear that some 300,000 have been trained. Is this not enough to provide security and continue their own training? Seems like a lack of will on the part of Afghanistan.

Which gets me to my last point. Our diplomats have been murdered and our troops continue to be killed at the hands of so-called allies and yet the administration has done nothing. Well yes we have done something, we continue to send billions of our taxpayer dollars into the region, tax dollars we can’t afford or could be put to better use at home. Why? This makes no sense.

These events are not just a “bump in the road” this is a bump the size of the Himalayas.

According to several members of congress led by Lindsey Graham are calling for a full investigation into the attack. While this is good Sen. Graham does not support a bill introduced by Sen. Rand Paul on 9/21 calling for restrictions to be placed on foreign aid.

While Sen. Paul’s bill calling for aid restrictions tied to verifiable business development is a step in the right direction, isn’t it time we got out of the Middle East totally and cut off all aid?

Contact your elected representative and the President to let them know that the American people have had enough.

After a decade or so haven’t we Americans expended enough blood and tax dollars on a backward people who apparently refuse or are unwilling to put forth the effort to build a secure and functional society and become part of the civilized world?

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