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Use *57 To Trace Spoofed Caller IDs

The phone rang and the caller ID showed a local number. Even though I’m aware of “neighbor spoofing”, a popular devious and fraudulent trick used by telemarketers, I uncharacteristically answered it instead of letting it go to the answering machine.

“Hello,” I said, which was followed by silence on the other end. I was about to hang up when a voice, obviously a recorded message reading from a script, said something to the effect that my credit was fine but I was to press 1 to contact a representative to setup a plan to pay off my credit card debt or I could lose my high credit rating. Continue reading

6 Thoughts on Preserving the American Way of Life

So much has happened over the past 2 or 3 decades to upset the American way of life especially with problems related to immigration and the ever-present terrorists threats that many cry out “I want my country back!”

Just looking at the fallout from the terrorists’ attacks we have had to deal with legal and procedural changes that are without precedence.  These are readily apparent when you consider the impact on our freedoms from laws like the Patriot Act and the establishment of Homeland Security. Further, we are reminded daily of the people and their deranged ideology who put us in this position every time we go through the previously simple process of boarding an airplane or have to go through some security screening checkpoint. Continue reading

Hyphenated Identities

The use of hyphenated identity names seems to be growing; you know the kind I am referring to: African-American, Mexican-American and now I heard of Muslim-American.  I have even noticed lately that the media is now dropping the hyphen. The inventors and users of these terms probably are looking for something to unite them but I see their use as divisive.  What’s wrong with just being an American?

In addition to being divisive the terms make absolutely no sense.  What is the protocol for establishing these hyphenated identities?  Is it continent-country, religion-country, race-country or some other meaningless combination? Continue reading