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Lawbreakers May Be Getting A Free Pass

In a  7/30/2010 AP news story it was reported that the Obama administration has been looking for ways to skirt congress to solve the immigration problem. The article discusses an April 11-page internal memo by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that outlines ways that the government could provide “relief” to illegal immigrants including delaying deportation perhaps indefinitely.

This sounds a bit like amnesty and we all know how well that went back in 1986. Rewarding illegal behavior results in more of the same. In 1986 there were about 1 million illegals, now we have an estimated 12 million. Continue reading

Our Information Democracy and the Influence of Lobbies

Americans have been voracious collectors of data as far back as 1790 when the first census was conducted. Examples abound from the many polls that are conducted to measuring traffic flow to tracking what we buy and even personal demographics. All this data then becomes massaged, analyzed, filtered, sorted and condensed to become information.

With the advent of the publicly available internet this era has become known as the information age. Some individuals are so caught up in the torrent of information that they become information junkies.

But information is good. Right? Continue reading

Some Other Agenda

One can understand why the people are ignored by the so-called leadership in dictatorial and tyrannical regimes. Inevitably these result in a seemingly endless cycle of violent overthrows. In these regimes the agenda is clearly power and subjugation of the people often resulting in genocide. This is easily recognisable when the “leader:” wears a military looking uniform, establishes a republican guard, puts his image on the currency and on every wall, even in your own home, puts up statues of himself in every town square and conditions the people to refer to their country as “the fatherland,” or motherland, as the case may be.

What is more difficult to understand, however, is why the people are often ignored in democratic governments. It’s as if the so-called leadership has some other hidden agenda. Continue reading