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Lawbreakers May Be Getting A Free Pass

In a  7/30/2010 AP news story it was reported that the Obama administration has been looking for ways to skirt congress to solve the immigration problem. The article discusses an April 11-page internal memo by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that outlines ways that the government could provide “relief” to illegal immigrants including delaying deportation perhaps indefinitely.

This sounds a bit like amnesty and we all know how well that went back in 1986. Rewarding illegal behavior results in more of the same. In 1986 there were about 1 million illegals, now we have an estimated 12 million. Continue reading

Mr. President, I Want My Country Back!

The phrase “I want my country back” has either been articulated or at least thought by many in an attempt to make sense of events over the past decade or so. Our beloved country is rapidly becoming unrecognisable and will continue to change in ways that depart from who we are as Americans and as a country unless we take corrective action.

Each of us has probably contemplated a list of issues that if acted upon would restore things to some semblance of normality and order. Obviously, normality and order, like beauty, differs from person to person but such a list of common, hot button issues can be developed. Continue reading

6 Thoughts on Preserving the American Way of Life

So much has happened over the past 2 or 3 decades to upset the American way of life especially with problems related to immigration and the ever-present terrorists threats that many cry out “I want my country back!”

Just looking at the fallout from the terrorists’ attacks we have had to deal with legal and procedural changes that are without precedence.  These are readily apparent when you consider the impact on our freedoms from laws like the Patriot Act and the establishment of Homeland Security. Further, we are reminded daily of the people and their deranged ideology who put us in this position every time we go through the previously simple process of boarding an airplane or have to go through some security screening checkpoint. Continue reading